Day Seven Brings in Medals from Swimming and Track

Team USA Cycling competed in the Points Race today. The Points Race is an event that typically takes place on velodromes, which has banked turns to allow for continuous pedaling throughout the entire competition. Men and women typically do 50km and 40km, respectively. Points Races also usually have opportunities to earn points every 2km. First place in each lap gets 5 points, 2nd place will get 3, 3rd place gets 2, and 4th gets 1 point. The last lap receives double points. This Deaflympic event was held on an enclosed 2km loop using public streets that were closed off from traffic. It was more like a criterium in the US, which makes it very crucial that the riders are skilled.

John Klish started in the back row and was caught behind all the riders that had a higher chance of injuring others. He held on as best he could, working to close the gap on the Russians after they had a head start at the beginning of the race. John was very close to closing it with the help of others, but when he was grouped with other riders that peeled off the front and hopped onto our train, he found it increasingly difficult to pull ahead.

John pulled the train for a couple of laps with the new riders onboard when he realized that they were not going to work to help bridge the gap. The only way they could bridge the gap was to work together. After 15 laps, John figured that the Russians were already far ahead and since he felt unsafe with the other riders, he decided to call it off and hopefully send a message to everyone else that they needed to step in to keep pushing to close the gap. If they had not, the front 4 riders would continue to earn points while the rest would not.

Nixo Lanning started out strong staying with the main pack for 5 laps then she rode 8 more before being lapped. She was encouraged to pull aside by John Klish for the sake of safety of others on the course.

Matthew Klotz Wins Gold Medal and Massengale Bronze Medal at the Deaflympics

In the men’s 50 Freestyle, Matthew Klotz qualified for semifinals with a time of 23.92. He held the Deaflympic Record until it was broken in a later heat by Ilya Sarykin (RUS) with a time of 23.83. Also swimming the men’s 50 Free was Matthew Hopkins who placed 9th, just out of the top 8 with a time of 1:05.25. Also swimming were Matthew Zou who placed 43rd with a time of 27.45 and Tyler Brown who placed 46th with a time of 28.15.

Molly Likins qualified 3rd for the Women’s 100 Breaststroke with a time of 1:16.70 this morning. This was a new American Record, breaking her old American Record time. She placed 8th in finals with a time of 1:17.35.

In the Men’s 100 Backstroke, Matthew Klotz swam a time of 58.17 in preliminaries, breaking the Deaflympic Record and qualifying first for finals. He followed that up with a time of 56.06 in Finals, rebreaking the Deaflympic record and earning a Gold Medal. This time was just shy of the World Record that he had set in 2016.

Emily Massengale and Alyssa Greymont swam the Women’s 400 Individual Medley. In the Preliminaries, Massengale placed 2nd with a time of 5:21.85 which was a drop of almost 10 seconds from her personal record. Alyssa Greymont placed 12th with a time of 5:29.08. In finals, Emily Massengale dropped even more time to earn the Bronze Medal with a time of 5:13.66. this was a drop of over 8 seconds more! Overall, Emily dropped over 17 seconds at this meet to earn the Bronze medal.

The Women’s 4×200 Relay of Alyssa Greymont, Emily Massengale, Molly Likins and Elizabeth Cocker swam in the finals session with a time of 9:19.66 earning 5th place.

Overall, Team USA Swimming has earned 3 GOLD, 1 SILVER, and 2 BRONZE for the Deaflympics! That is the majority of the medals earned so far at the games for USA for all sports. This also includes two World Records, several Deaflympic records, and several American Records (Massengale, Klotz, Likins, and relays). Congratulations to our swimmers!

Men’s 50 Free Preliminaries

Matthew Klotz, 23.92 (Prelims), 2nd Place

Matthew Hopkins, 25.62 (Prelims), 18th Place

Matthew Zou, 27.45 (Prelims), 43rd Place

Tyler Brown, 28.15 (Prelims), 46th Place

Men’s 50 Free Semifinals

Matthew Klotz, 24.24 (Semifinals), 4th Place Q

Women’s 100 Breast

Molly Likins, 1:16.70, 3rd Place Q (Preliminaries)

Molly Likins, 1:17.35, 8th Place (Finals)

Men’s 100 Backstroke

Matthew Klotz, 58.17, 1st Place* Deaflympic Record Q (Preliminaries)

Matthew Hopkins, 1:05.25, 9th Place (Alternate)

Matthew Zou, 1:08.31, 18th Place

Tyler Brown, 1:11.98, 24th Place

Matthew Klotz, 56.06, 1st Place* Deaflympic Record Q (Finals) – GOLD Medal

Women’s 400 Individual Medley

Emily Massengale, 5:21.85, 2nd Place Q (Preliminaries)

Alyssa Greymont, 5:29.38

Emily Massengale, 5:13.66, 3rd Place Q (Finals) – BRONZE Medal

Team USA Track & Field had a mixed day. Nick Jones, nursing his tender ankle from the semi final, had his ankle taped. He was determined to come away with something. He sprinted in the Men’s 100m and earned his first Deaflympics bronze medal with time of 11.05. Congratulations, Nick!

Alex Weis struggled in the Hammer Throw and placed in 6th with a best toss of 50.88m. Jacob Hockman came out in 11th with 44.99m.

For the 400m, Nick did not finish as his ankle did not feel comfortable. Delvin Furlough, a seasoned Deaflympics 400m racer, grabbed 1st place finish in his heat. He will move onto the Semi Final. Brady Perry faced a tough group of 400m runners and was able to take the third spot of the heat and will also advance to the Semi Final.

Jadan Anderson was facing a lot of jitters and was subpar in his performance in the Men’s Long Jump. Unfortunately, He did not advance to the finals.We have a big day on July 26:

Women’s 100m Hurdles Final
Women’s 200m Qualifiers
Women’s 400m Semi Final
Men’s 200m Qualifiers
Men’s 400m Semi Final
Men’s 800m Qualifiers
Men’s Discus Qualifiers

There was much excitement in the air at Mustafa Daglistani Sports Hall as Team USA Men’s Volleyball prepared for today’s competition. In their first quarterfinal match, the US was paired with Turkey, the hometown favorites. The Turkish fans were out in full force, but our American men had a small but mighty cheering section rooting them on. The Olympic mascot, Cakir, was also on hand to fire up the large crowd.

The Americans were looking refreshed and ready to go after 2 days without scheduled play. In the first set, the teams appeared to be fairly well matched and the score stayed tight. Despite good American blocking, Turkey slowly began to pull ahead. Even though Turkey struggled with their serves, their offense was strong and they took the set 25-17.

The US had a slow start in the second set, but were able to regain some ground. Turkey’s well placed hits were a continued challenge. The set went to Turkey, 25-13.

The 3rd set proved difficult for the US men. They were able to stay within a few points of Turkey, but could not overcome their dominating play. Turkey took the set and match with a score of 25-18.

It was another tough loss for Team USA. But again the overwhelming spirit of international camaraderie was evident in the flag draped sports hall. The Turkish people exhibit outstanding hospitality and won graciously and with appreciation for the talents of our US players.

The men play again on Wednesday at 3:00 pm; their opponent will be determined by the results of today’s games. The next match will take place at the Hasan Dogan Sports Hall.

The game video can be viewed at

The women’s volleyball quarterfinals for the 2017 Deaflympic Games were held at Hasan Dogan Sports Arena. Team USA Women’s Volleyball came in as the top team from group A, facing the fourth place team from group B, Turkey.

The arena was packed full of supporters for the Turkish home team, creating a chaotic atmosphere for the US team. The first set started with Turkey leading early with the American team making several uncharacteristic errors. However midway through the game, the US reconnected and broke away with a strong serving run with Kali Frowick at the line, winning the first set 25-14.

The second set showed Turkey taking an early lead again, led by strong serving from the Turkish team. Again, midway through the game the US went on a serving run and capitalized on strong offense from Abby Garrity, who finished the match with 12 kills. The US won the second set 25-16

The third and final set was a more typical performance from the US team, dominating through the whole set, led by serving runs from Abby Garrity and Sarah Tubert. The US ultimately won the set 25-12.

The US moves on to the semifinals where they will face Italy tomorrow at 1 PM.