Interesting Tidbits about Golf in Turkey

Samsun, Turkey, is one of the fastest growing cities (now 1.2 million people) in the world but only holds one golf course. In fact, there are only 20 golf courses in the whole country of Turkey. The Turkish Golf Federation is committed to recruit more Deaf golfers. Three male and two female Turkish golfers participated in this Deaflympics.

Four countries did not participate in the World Deaf Golf Championships (WDGC) but decided to participate in this Deaflympics. They are Kenya, India, Russia and Turkey.  Hopefully they will consider competing in future events as well.

American golfers tote their own bags while others use pull carts.  India entered two golfers who are brother and sister. Their parents came and have been caddying for them.

Unfortunately, two Ghana golfers could not come due to complications receiving visa approval into Turkey. Hopefully they will be able to come next year in Ireland where the next WDGC will be held.

Two professional golfers are participating in the Deaflympics.  Kaylin Yost with the Ladies Professional Golf Association in the USA, and Allen John with the European Tour.

Don Conway of Ireland is the acting Technical Director taking the place of Gavin Balharrie of Australia. Both are officers of the World Deaf Golf Federation. Check out the website, which released the fees and other updates at

Paul Neumann from Germany & Mike Finneran from USA