Day 5 Saw the Start of Track and Field

On Sunday, July 23rd, Team USA Swimming, Women’s Volleyball and Men’s Volleyball had the day off. Cycling continued the road race qualifiers as reported by John Klish, Golf continued the qualifiers for the quarter finals as reported by Mike Finneran, and Track & Field started their first day of competition.

For Team USA Cycling, John Klish did very well and was able to keep up with the main pack till 2km before the finish. He was behind a rider from Turkey that went down and John, being too close, had no choice but to go over him. He rolled as best he could to minimize injuries and fortunately was able to walk away with a few bruises and a light scrape on one knee. John got back on the bike and finished 1 minute behind the pack.

Nixo started out with the pack and after a few km, the pack started to pick up the pace. She worked hard to try to keep going but all she could think about was to save her energy for the mountain bike race tomorrow. She decided to tap out after being isolated for a while. She was 12th place out of 19 riders when she tapped out.

Team USA Track & Field commenced the first day of the 7-day long competition. Team USA started out strong against a field of stiff competition.

3 USA Women sprinters qualified and will run in the 100m Semi-Final tomorrow. They are: MaKenzie Hageman (SD) 12.96, Janna VanderMeulen (WA) 13.06 and Jaida Scott (TX) 13.39. For the Men’s 100m, Nick Jones (MO) 11.14 and Taylor Koss (WI) 11.35 will race tomorrow in the 100m semi final. Dwayne Esper (IL) 11.56 missed the semi final by .02 of a second.

The shot putters did well during the qualifying round today. Alex Weis (MN) hauled 15.32m (50′ 3 1/4″) while Jacob Hockman (MO) hit 14.42m (47′ 3 3/4″). They will be in the finals tomorrow.

Carly Timpson (RI) hit 53.16m (174′ 5″) in the Women’s Hammer Throw. It was a good showing for 4th place.

Taylor Koss and Gunnar Hahn (WI) competed in the 400m hurdles. Gunnar clocked 59.40 and this concluded his chase in the 400m hurdle. Taylor, battling an illness and after just running the 100m semi final, was able to walk away with the 6th best time of 55.98. Tomorrow, Taylor will race along 5 – 55 second hurdlers. It will be an exciting event to watch!

Events to watch for July 24, 2017 (second day of competition):

Women’s 100m Semi-Final:

Men’s 100m Semi-Final:

Men’s 400m hurdle Final:

Women’s 400m hurdle Final:

Men’s Shot Put Final:

Team USA Golf was one of 16 men vying to advance into the quarterfinals. Allen John and Nico Guldan of Germany along with Paul Waring and Steven Cafferty, both of England, won easily as they finished early at the 11th or 12th hole. A rising star out of Kenya, Isaac Makokha, also won today with 7 & 6.

David Barber of Finland outdid his home team opponent, Walteri Waris with 5 and 4. Lasse Nielsen won over Charles Mikker of Netherlands 3 and 2.

In typical fashion, Team USA had the most drama. The closest match saw American Mike Finneran and German Paul Neumann in a see-saw match even though Paul was leading 2 up with three holes left after two birdies that helped him to lead. Then Mike birdied on the 16th which dropped to just 1 up. Then on the 17th, Mike mishit two shots and got a 40 foot putt to keep 1 up. On the 18th and last hole, Mike mishit his driver which was rare for him and lost his ball which gave Paul a 2-up victory.

Kaylin Yost acted as Mike’s supportive caddy for the day, and she will play agains the winner of either Norway or Turkey on Tuesday.

Top photo is of Mike Finneran posing with Turkey volunteer shooters, bottom photo is of Mike and Kaylin acting as his caddy