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Welcome to USA Deaf Sports Federation’s homebase for Team USA to the 23rd Summer Deaflympics, hosted in Samsun, Turkey.  Here you will read exclusive news directly from our athletes and coaches about what is happening daily in Turkey.  News will also be posted to USADSF’s Facebook and Twitter, so follow those to ensure you get the news as they break!

Team USA Medal Count:

2017 Summer Deaflympics Gold Medal


2017 Summer Deaflympics Silver Medal


Bronze Medal


Medal Standings:

  • Matthew Klotz – Gold for 50 M backstroke (Swimming).
  • Matthew Klotz – Gold for 200 M backstroke (Swimming).
  • Matthew Klotz – Gold for 100 M backstroke (Swimming).
  • Kaylin Yost – Gold for Golf.
  • Janna VanderMeulen – Gold for 100 M hurdles (Athletics).
  • Matthew Klotz – Silver for 50 M butterfly (Swimming).
  • Matthew Klotz – Silver for 50 M freestyle (Swimming).
  • Carly Timpson – Silver for High Jump (Athletics).
  • Alyssa Greymont – Bronze in 400 M freestyle (Swimming).
  • Janna VanderMeulen – Bronze in 400 M hurdles (Athletics).
  • Taylor Koss – Bronze in 400 M Hurdles (Athletics).
  • Nick Jones – Bronze in 100 M (Athletics).
  • Emily Massengale – Bronze in 400 M Medley (Swimming).
  • Emily Massengale – Bronze in 200 M Back (Swimming).
  • Women’s Volleyball Team – Bronze.
  • Taylor Koss – Bronze in 200 M (Athletics).


Team USA Swimming Brings Home 8 Medals, 2 World Records, 3 Deaflympic Meet Records, and Multiple American Records

The Deaflympics Closing Ceremonies marked the end of the 23rd Summer Deaflympics on July 30th in Samsun, Turkey, and Team USA Swimming is already back home in the USA reflecting on the great experience of the games. Gold, Silver, and Bronze, that’s what the Team USA Swimming brought back from the 2017 Deaflympics in Samsun, Turkey. …



Jack Lamberton – Chef de Mission and Team Director
Kyle Emard – Assistant to the Team Director


Bobby Skedsmo, Coach
John Klish
Nixo Lanning


Michael Finnean
Kaylin Yost


Thomas Lebherz, Jr., Head Coach
Doug Matchett, Team Leader
Alyssa Greymont
Elizabeth Coker
Emily Massengale
Matthew Hopkins
Matthew Klotz
Matthew Zou
Molly Likins
Tyler Brown


Howard Gorrell, Coach
Amanda Wu
Christopher Daniels

Track & Field

Thomas Withrow Jr., Head Coach
Lawrence Smith, Coach
Rohan Smith, Coach
Tobin Daniels, Coach
Justin Romero, Coach
Steven Fuerst, Coach
Brett Weaver, Athletic Trainer
Dwayne Esper Jr.
Ryan Guldan
Jacob Hockman
Nicholas Jones
Taylor Koss
Junior Peters
Alex Weis
Delvin Furlough
Darrion Green
Jadan Anderson
Gareth Ashton
Michael Singleton Jr
Gunner Hahn
Brady Perry
Nicola Stein
Elizabeth Barbiers
Jaida Scott
Janna Vander Meulen
Shellane McKitty
Carly Timpson
MaKenzie Hageman

Volleyball - Men

Greg Remaklus, Head Coach
Aliya Winker, Assistant Coach
Jennifer Carver, Athletic Trainer
Cory Behm
Ethan Bell
Michael Brüning
Bryan Leyden
Ryan Manoogian
Hugo Martinez
Daniel Moreno
Ryan Nelson
Ruan Poindexter
Jacob Smalley
Hunter Taylor
Eric Vincent

Volleyball - Women

Lynn Ray Boren, Head Coach
John Kessenich, Assistant Coach
Ilama Bell, Athletic Trainer
Cali Bunn
Adele Daniels
Megan Dippold
Kali Frowick
Abby Garrity
Jordan Kohl
Jaime Kons
Danielle Morris
Ludmila Mounty-Weinstock
Katelyn Reese
Darriyan Thomas
Sarah Tubert
Ann Whited